Amazing Provence

Amazing Provence

This is the story of our trip in Provence. During this trip we traveled a lot, we switched four Air B&Bs and had lots of fun. As our trip was quite long I was able to take plenty of amazing photos. I split this article in three parts to be able to share the whole experience of the amazing Provence.


Toulouse is an universitary town. Lots of young people, bars and fun. We were able to enjoy the great weather, the river and even a Salsa party.

Toulouse bridge
Toulouse river
Salsa Party
Toulouse Capitolium
Toulouse Cathedral
Cathedral in Toulouse
Inside the Toulouse Cathedral
Inside the Toulouse Cathedral


Albi is an unique town with great architecture, a nice Cathedral. Looks like a medieval fortress with great colors.

Albi Cathedral
Portrait in Albi
Albi Bridge
Albi, France
Albi Bridge and Cathedral
Albi panorama
Inside of the Albi Cathedral
Inside of the Albi Cathedral
Statue in Albi
Statue in Albi
Albi portrait


The fortress in Carcassonne gave us the great opportunity to eat the traditional dish called Cassoulet. Cassoulet is a stew made with beans, duck and smoked meat.

Carcassonne with yellow circles
Carcassonne, France
Fortress tower
Fortress tower
Carcassonne town
Shrine in Carcassonne
Inside the Carcassonne Cathedral
Carcassonne fortress
Carcassonne panorama
Carcassonne far away view


Sete is a town near seaside. The weather was great and the number of boats amazing. Read the second part of the story here.

Boats parked
Lighthouse in Sete
Sete harbour
Palais Consoulaire, Sete, France
Sete from above
Sete overview
Sete port
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