Winter Fairy Tale in Salzburg

Salzburg deeply covered in snow is a unique backdrop for any Christmas or New Year celebration. And I say this because the days we spent last winter in Salzburg felt like stepping into a fairy tale. After all, it is the home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as well as The Sound of Music—one of my favorite musicals of all times. So you can imagine the excitement to discover the romantic city, the streets, as well as the hills, the places where we were all introduced to Fraulein Maria and the von Trapp family, to hear Mozart’s music.

On the first morning in Salzburg I rushed out of bed and went outside to discover the city and meet our friends. It was still snowing and big snowflakes were dancing everywhere, similar to the night we arrived. This was too good to be true: the streets of the Old Town looked like they're covered with sugar icing and alive with the sound of Mozart, the remaining Christmas markets full of merry shoppers, Glühwein, gingerbread and glitter.

Disovering buildings in Salzburg

And so we started discovering Salzburg with its grey stone buildings and dark river. We walked through Mozart Square, along The Getreidegasse—Salzburg's most famous shopping street and then Residence Square, a magnificent forecourt between the two residential palaces of the archbishops of Salzburg. The square is bordered by a Catholic Cathedral, also known as the Salzburger Dom.

The Alps and Hohensalzburg Fortress

On top of the Festungsberg—a hill in the middle of the city, sitting majestically high up above the city, surrounded by the breathtaking Alps, there is the Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg’s best known landmark, the largest completely preserved medieval fortress in Central Europe, dating back to the 11th Century. It still has the charm of the ages gone by.

Happy New Year!

With an amazing firework display from the Hohensalzburg Fortress, highlighting the picturesque, splendid Baroque buildings in sparkling colors, Salzburg welcomes the New Year with style. We went for the countdown with the countless merry revealers on ‘Staatsbrücke’ bridge where we got a fantastic view of the New Year’s spectacle. Ten, nine, eight … Happy New Year!

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